Scotch Eggs. It’s a Must-Do.

I haven’t made these yet, but I will!

Popular Paleo

I believe in simple food.  Few things make me happier than getting to use my Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, immersion blender and my fancy knives to churn out one skillfully and lovingly crafted dish, but let’s face it, food like that isn’t what fuels us day in and day out.  Utilizing everyday ingredients in basic ways is what keeps us going.  Egg, this is sausage.  Sausage, this is egg. Oh wait – you two have met before.  Ok, then how about a hug?

First things first. I’m assuming you know that you have to start with hard-boiled eggs. If not, you do. Also, if you are making your eggs specifically for this, try to boil them on the soft side. You’ll appreciate where the yolk ends up when this is all said and done.

I buy bulk sausage from the meat section at my grocery store. It would be better…

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