What about bread when Paleo?

Paleo Almond Bread

While some people who follow the Paleo/Primal lifestyle don’t or rarely eat “Paleo baking” (grain-free, non or low-sweetened goods like bread, cookies, pies, cakes, etc), our household definitely does.  I am the only one in my house who is officially Paleo, but as I am transitioning my boys and husband to gluten-free and eventually Paleo, it needs to be done in baby steps.

So the answer to the above question: What about bread when Paleo?  is “sometimes”.  It depends on the individual.  I make the bread pictured above, made with almond flour, arrowroot starch, eggs, etc, once or twice a week for my boy’s lunches.  I also allow myself the odd slice with butter, as it’s my one connection to feeling like I can still have bread or a baked treat sometimes.  If someone asks “Do you eat bread?”, I can reply, “Yes, but grain-free”.

The recipe I regularly use is from Elana’s Pantry, an excellent gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipe site.  I also highly recommend Elana’s published book about cupcakes.


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