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Keep Calm & Eat PaleoYou might be surprised to know that the Paleo diet or lifestyle, depending on you intend to use it, is on a spectrum.  Now, I’m no expert. After reading a bunch (see Get to Know \Pa”le*o-\ for some links), going off my own experience with diets in general and just applying some common sense, this is my opinion on what going Paleo means and the best ways to do it.

I’m a few pounds shy of dropping a whopping total of 60 since I was preggo with my little guy two years ago.  Anyone with a hypothyroid knows how miserable it is to try to achieve and maintain a five pound loss, so 60 in two years is an accomplishment.  I employed a number of weight loss tactics in this journey that can be best described as “falling forward.”  The first was denial that it was just baby weight that…

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