I plan to make this jam this week – do you think it would go well with pork & lamb meatballs? I hope so….

Popular Paleo

Fennel Onion Jam | popularpaleo.comDid I say before that I believe in simple food? Caramelizing fennel, onions and garlic with butter and a little salt yields an incredibly flavorful jam, which adds a touch of decadence to any simply prepared protein.  Try it for yourself with Easy Crock Pot Chicken, roasted pork loin or steak.

Thinly slice two bulbs of fennel, one onion and three cloves of garlic.  Add to a sauté pan heated to medium-low with half a stick of partially melted butter waiting. Spread a pinch of kosher salt to help render the water and sugars. Let this go low and slow, creating incredible depth and balanced flavor. I let mine go for about an hour, stirring often.

This reduces to about a cup and a half of jam, which should cover one dinner.  I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve outside of topping roasted meat.

And word to the…

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