Fingers itching again

My fingers have been itching a lot lately.  Not due to a rash, nor to knit even more than I already do.  No, they have been itching to write, hanging poised over the keys of my laptop.

It’s true that I still have a screenplay to finish, and yes, I am working on it somewhat.  I think what I have been itching to write is shorter items – essays, blog posts, articles.  A few pages of intensive crafting, drafting and done.  I guess freelance writing falls into this category.  But where to start?  I can put out the word via Twitter, etc, but I’m unsure on how to put myself out there, especially as I don’t have the fancy degree or decorated writing resume to back me.

What’s a gal to do?  Write for myself, scribble away at home, for now, and let the universe know I am ready to put my words out there to print.

Here’s wishing…


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