Recipes: Sausage & Kale Tart

My mother mentioned this site, to me last weekend, and a few recipes there that she had tried.  One such recommended recipe was the Sausage and Kale Dinner Tart.  Since I keep a lot of dark greens in our fridge these days (I eat them daily now), I had some kale on hand.  I made this for supper last night, though made some modifications that I thought I’d make note of for anyone interested.  It became a crustless quiche, as I didn’t want the crust (trying to minimize my starchy/refined carb intake, like flour products).

The filling is this:

“Sausage and Kale Filling:

My alterations were that I used coconut oil instead of olive oil and butter, used ground chicken instead of sausage meat, used homemade chicken stock instead of white wine, and added three more eggs.  I seasoned the ground chicken with seasoning salt (some tasty organic stuff my grandmother bought and gave us a wee baggie of), poultry seasoning, salt & pepper, mustard powder and a pinch of garlic powder.

I prepared the filling as per the instructions, and then poured it all into a deep-dish pie pan.  Baked at 375 for about 25, until the eggs had set.

It was so tasty (my husband highly approved), and the fresh basil really shines through.  This would work as a meal anytime of day, with a healthy ‘slaw, or green/caesar salad.  I’ll definitely make this again.

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