Recipes: Cauliflower as Rice or Potatoes

Hey gang,

A quick post to share something new I tried last night in the kitchen.  I found a “healthy tip” last week about using cauliflower instead of rice or potatoes with your evening meal.  For those of us following a specific style of “losing weight” diet, carbs are minimized, and only specific carbs are okay, and then no starchy carbs after 3pm.  So!  With this in mind, it was pointed on by the source of the tip that cauliflower could replace the starchy carbs one might want with the evening meal, to go with a meat dish or on a stir-fry.  Interestingly enough, we made a stir-fry last night, and so I thought I’d try using the cauliflower to make “rice”.

I grated it manually (this is when I wish for a really good food processor with the grater blade), and it was tiny and crumbly.  Steaming this would be a challenge, as steamers have holes in them, and the tiny, crumbly bits would fall right through.  So what I did was heat a frying pan on medium with some olive oil and a wee bit of bacon fat, then place the grated cauliflower in it.  After stirring to coat, I added about 1/4 cup of hot chicken stock, and placed the lid on to let it steam for about five or ten  minutes.  I wanted it slightly crunchy, more so than rice would be however.  After steaming, I took the lid off and let any remaining liquid evaporate, stirring gently.  Then I took it off the heat, and added to our stir-fry.  It was tasty – definitely different, but worked just fine with the stir-fry, and I felt more noble about all the veggies I was eating 🙂

Soon I might try the “mashed potato” version of the cauliflower – that should be interesting….


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