Itchy fingers, part II

I’ve been perusing my bookcases this past week, specifically the shelf with the “writing” books.  I come back to them time and time again, for reference, for exercises, for inspiration.  Two came off the shelf for closer inspection: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and Writing the Wave, Inspired Rides for Aspiring Writers by Elizabeth […]

Fingers itching again

My fingers have been itching a lot lately.  Not due to a rash, nor to knit even more than I already do.  No, they have been itching to write, hanging poised over the keys of my laptop. It’s true that I still have a screenplay to finish, and yes, I am working on it somewhat.  […]

Originally posted on Jane Austen's World:
Inquiring readers: Not often does news of great import come our way, such as this item unearthed from the depths of Andrew Capes’s crashed computer. His having retrieved it is nothing short of miraculous, for now he can share the rest of Charlotte Collins’ story with the world.…

A hungry world

Originally posted on Druid Life:
I heard a story yesterday about a girl collapsing in school, because it had been so long since she’d last eaten. In some parts of the world, the curious bits would be that a poor child was in school in the first place, and a girl-child at that. Hunger and…

Finding the Cottage

“Around the next turn they came in sight, not indeed of a palace, but of a little house almost as surprising as a palace would have been in this province of conventional wooden farmhouses, all as much alike in general characteristics as if they had grown from the same seed. The house was a low-eaved […]