Makin’ Ice Cream

Last year, my mother bought us a used ice cream maker she had found at a thrift store.  We thanked her, but hadn’t used it at all, until a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not sure what prompted it, but it suddenly occurred to me that we should give it a try.  I didn’t have a manual, so googled the type of ice cream maker (fairly old), and found that some kind soul had scanned the manual and put it into a .pdf.

We then gathered together the ingredients for Vanilla ice cream…

…eggs, whole milk, cream, sugar, vanilla extract.
and vanilla beans – scraped out of their pods.  My own touch, as I love having real vanilla beans in vanilla ice cream.

We then mixed the ingredients together,

poured them into the main cylinder casing (which had been sitting in our freezer for 24 hours…

and stirred.

And stirred….

The actual stirring wasn’t much, but the time frame in which a few stirs were administered every few minutes really stretched out.

In the end, the ice cream needed overnight to freeze completely. It turned out tasty, though not as “creamy” as I had hoped, given all the cream we used.

Our next attempt will be chocolate πŸ™‚


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