Beware the Jungle Cat

Exit stage left: the loud, needy, but sweet Marucho.

Enter stage right: the silent wisp of a black panther.

 Meet our new kitty, Little Nips.

We picked her up at the same cat shelter (Cat’s Cradle) here in Victoria, where we found Marucho.  Marucho has, incidentally, found a new home with some friends of mine, where he very happily is the centre of attention, and can come and go outside as he pleases.  He is a content kitty there, and I’m pleased to have found him a loving pair of “parents”.

Little Nips was found as a stray near a local movie theatre, a week before we adopted her.  She is two years old and tiny – only 5.5lbs, slender, with sleek, short black hair.  Yes, she is pure black – not a trace of white, brown or gray.  I had to lighten both of these photos so that the details of her face where more visible.

And no, your eyes do not deceive you – our Little Nips has a short tail.  A “Pixie” stub.  She was born that way.  It’s very cute to see her waggling the stump like a black bobble-head as she walks.  It will also thump on the window pane when she gets excited over a view of birds nearby, rather like a dog’s tail.

She came to us healthy, fixed and with up-to-date shots.  There is some minor gingivitis along her gumline, but the vet has us using a special “dental” cat food for her, so that should get cleared up soon.

She is definitely a playful cat – very kitten-ish.  We four humans in the house all take turns dancing a bit of string or a squeaky mouse around her.  Our other cat, Sarah, took to her much better than she did with Marucho.  We wonder if it’s because Little Nips is so small and not threatening.  Little Nips and Sarah play quite a bit – chasing and batting at each other.  They rarely hiss at each other, and we separate them if they do. 

We have had her for a month now, and overall, I am thrilled with how this has all gone down.  Our second choice of cat suits us perfectly, and the first choice has a great home of his own too.

P.S. Little Nips doesn’t meow.  Or so infrequently that I almost forgets that she has a voice box.  I love a silent cat šŸ™‚


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