To podcast or not to podcast…?

That really is the question I am tossing about in my brain these days.

Some of you might recall last autumn (here, and here) that I was toying with the idea of starting a podcast.  Well, guess what?  I now have a microphone and pop screen filter (new toys!)

It’s the Snowball Microphone by Blue Microphones.  This was mentioned/recommended by the gorgeous Kate of A Playful Day podcast in the UK.

So does this actually mean that I’ll start a podcast?  The short answer: maybe.

My recording set-up:

It’s a decent space and come the night, when my boys are in bed, I can have the quiet I would require.

I guess the main reason I have been still debating with myself about doing this is simple – can I keep it up?  The starting is the easy part.  The initial enthusiasm and ideas and desire to “try something new” will be enough to get me going, and likely keep me going for a while.

But then what?  I’ve heard that many podcasters run out of steam after six months, a year, maybe two.  Is is worth starting this, getting a schedule and a following of happy listeners only to fade out after 15 episodes?  Will it become like my indie dyeing business (Gaia’s Colours) where the very idea of dyeing of yarn or spinning fibre is akin to having a tooth pulled at the dentist (oh, did I just admit that outloud?  I guess I’ll have to do a wee blog post on that another time)? 

Should I even bother when I know that I won’t be willing to keep it up for the long term? 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Oh, and just in case you are curious, I have an almost completed first episode – a tester, if you will – that I can and might put up here sometime soon, to get some feedback, etc.

Now, off to knit…


3 thoughts on “To podcast or not to podcast…?

  1. Hey Ursa, I just wanted to give you the heads upon the fact my email and facebook accounts have been hacked so if you receive any weird email or messages they aren't from me. I will email you soon using my new email which is a play on a literature reference so if you see something like that in your email inbox it's from me. I just didn't want you think I may have gone mad and was sending you weird messages which a few people in my contacts list have received.

  2. Thanks Martine, I will definitely contact if/when I need some help :-)Andrew – have left a message on your blog, since I am one of those people who has received the hacked messages.

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