Our weekly produce pilgrimage…

It’s that time of year – the weekly trips to local farms and farmer’s markets.

Many of you may know that I love local and organic produce, and try to support local growers and suppliers as often as possible.  Last summer I started a weekly pilgrimage up the peninsula with my two sons.  Every Thursday or Friday we would pack into the car, and head up to visit Madrona Farms (which is quite close to us), Sun Wing Farms, Oldfield Farms and Silver Rill Farms.  We didn’t hit each one every time, but usually had specific farms in mind for specific produce.  Silver Rill is the place to get corn (amazing & sweet), Oldfield is the place for berries (all kinds), Sun Wing had fab green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes, and Madrona has lovely dark leafy green, plus wonderful, sweet baby carrots and new potatoes.  We come home loaded with our cloth grocery bags full of fresh-picked lovelies.

Today was our first trip of the summer, and we stopped at Babe’s Honey too (which is sadly shutting it’s doors).  Here is some of the loot from the afternoon:

Not pictured above are some new potatoes, asparagus, wee yellow zucchinis, red and white onions, plus the rest of the honey and a few chunks of beeswax. 

These tiny beauties below didn’t last long – they were washed and steaming in a pot less than an hour after getting home.  I have kept the greens for steaming with chard later, but I couldn’t resist the beets themselves.  With some butter and a little salt and pepper, the dark purple jewels are now in the bellies of myself and my husband.  It’s great to think that just eight hours ago, they were still sleeping underground.  Talk about fresh!

For dessert, my sons and I had to try strawberries with the Babe’s honey. Oh my….

(Yes, those are a couple of drops of honey on their downward journey to my fingers.)

What a great way to celebrate Canada Day!


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