A Word, O Scribe?

Some of you have been following my blog from the early days (all of one year – I know, not that long), and will have read a few posts mentioning a screenplay idea I had, and that I was planning on writing a script.  I also talked about being a newbie at this and that I’d have to learn about screenwriting to get this project up and running, not to mention, completed.

Now, for those of you just joining us, or those of you ahem several family members, who have been asking “What’s this I hear about a screenplay?”, or “You are writing a screenplay? What’s it about?”, here is where I get to esssplain, sort of.  This is also a good way to update, as I last posted about this in late October of last year.

So, just what is this all about?

Yes, I am writing a screenplay (Wiki definition, plus other terms/links), currently on the first draft.  I have finished Act I (there are three in a standard script), and have started Act II.  

I have a screenwriting mentor named Brian Paisley, who is local to Victoria.  We meet usually once a month, starting back in the fall of 2010, to go over what I’ve been working on.  We started by putting together the full outline, including most of the main scenes and sequences.  Using this framework, I now get to work, bit by bit, writing action and dialogue until I have a completed script.

After I complete the first draft, I will take a little break, then come back to the story with “fresh eyes” to refine it and make it a second-draft script.  If more polishing is needed after that, then it will be done.  Once Brian and I feel it’s ready to be shown around, I’ll post it to InkTip (a great site where screenwriters and industry professionals can make contact, can search or post scripts, etc.), and also look around for any applicable producers in BC/Canada who might be interested in seeing my story.  It’s all a bit of a mystery to me after that.  Up in the air, really.  Things could sit, or move – who knows..?

In the meantime, I write.

Now, as for the “What’s it about?”  I’m glad you asked.  Well, here is my draft version logline (a one or two sentence description of the story/the plot):

Haunted by her father’s untimely death, a young, reckless photojournalist longs to find the beloved Scotland of his youth, but in her search for the truth, encounters those who would rather the past stay buried.”

This makes the plot sound, to my mind, rather like a thriller, which the story is not.  It’s more of a romantic drama.  So I will continue to tweak the logline. 

While I’d love to spill the full cup of beans in this public venue, you’ll forgive me if I continue to maintain some level of secrecy.  I am certainly willing to talk about it with friends and family in person, but must keep the rest hushed for now.  Sorry, gang.  Hopefully once the script is completed and being shopped around, or actually sells, I should be able to give the whole sordid tale.

Speaking of tales, I am off to write while I still have the mojo, and before the root beer & rum starts to kick in 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Word, O Scribe?

  1. I can see what you mean about it sounding like a thriller in your logline Ursa but I think a wee tweak here and there and it'll work for you quite well. My way of approaching a logline is to give my finished script to a handful of trusted people and after they read it ask them "so what did you think it was about?" I take what they say and condense it down to a tailored two liner, it usually works quite well and often they pick up on something in your story you didn't realise was there.

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