Still here

Sorry to be quiet on the blog – I’m working on things.  Finally finishing my first (tester) podcast episode too, and finding out about what to do to get it going/hosting, etc. Will keep you posted 🙂 Advertisements

Beware the Jungle Cat

Exit stage left: the loud, needy, but sweet Marucho. Enter stage right: the silent wisp of a black panther.  Meet our new kitty, Little Nips. We picked her up at the same cat shelter (Cat’s Cradle) here in Victoria, where we found Marucho.  Marucho has, incidentally, found a new home with some friends of mine, […]

Get a handle on this!

If you follow me on Twitter or have friended me on Ravelry, you may soon notice that I have changed my “handle” on both of those sites.  I was, until tonight, “GaiasColours” for both.  Since I am shutting down the Gaia’s Colours business, and now no longer needing the name for social networking, I figured […]

A Word, O Scribe?

Some of you have been following my blog from the early days (all of one year – I know, not that long), and will have read a few posts mentioning a screenplay idea I had, and that I was planning on writing a script.  I also talked about being a newbie at this and that […]