New Exercise Regime

And if I give it enough miles, it’ll be Carbon Neutral!

When I asked/told my husband about us buying a push mower, not powered by gas or electricity, but by good ‘ol human energy, he gave me that “Really, are you going to actually use it?” look.  Yes, he’s that expressive, and we have been married for eight years and together for almost eleven.

But I gently stuck to my guns on this, as a push mower is what I used at my family home as a teenager, and I wanted something greener that would also be a good workout for me: cardio plus (hopefully) some killer arms come September.

We picked this bad boy up at Canadian Tire, the last of it’s type, with $20 off for missing one bolt/screw that an employee replaced with something else just as usable.  I put this together myself and proceeded to mow the small grass patch that is our front yard.  It worked great, except for not taking down (but rather, running over) the spindly dandelions that spot the area.  I had to manually clip those after.   Think I’ll try the weed wacker on those next time…

One thought on “New Exercise Regime

  1. Dan just bought one of those for our house in North Carolina. It's a fairly big lawn, he estimates it will take four hours to mow. Four. Hours. Yep, looking forward to those pipes!

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