Going the way of the Dodo

Did you know that an answering machine is a rare bird to find these days?  I didn’t, until recently.  Ours was around 12-15 years old, and had decided to be selective about the volume for listening to messages. Very inconvenient, no?

So, on one trip last week to our local London Drugs, I went to the electronics section, specifically the telephone section.  There were plenty of phones, cordless or corded, and combo message machine and telephone.  But a stand-alone answering machine? – apparently not.

We’ve had to join the rest of the modern populace and get voice messaging on our phone. 

And our old machine?

Please note the smudgy layer of dust on this relic.  I’m a great housekeeper, really.

3 thoughts on “Going the way of the Dodo

  1. Hey, I have a working, viable, answering machine. None of those annoying recorded messages from Shaw when you call me. Try calling me sometime.

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