Happy 1st Blogiversary to me!

Holy cow – has it been a year since I started this blog?  A little longer, actually.  It occurred to me this afternoon while reading my favourite local gardening blog, Backyard Feast, who is about to celebrate her first year of blogging, that I too had started about this time last year.  A quick look back shows that my first post was on April 18th, 2010.  I had intended (hoped?) to blog much more, but funnily enough, life and crafting gets in the way.   No offense to y’all, but I usually prefer knitting to blogging.  Speaking of knitting, I owe you & the blog a long overdue “On & Off the Needles” post.  Coming soon…

In the meantime, I am slowly pecking away at my screenplay, getting ready for Gaia’s Colours final (most likely) “Dye Day” workshop this Saturday.  Oh! And I will blog soon about a recent addition to our household.  Also coming soon….

It’s a sunny afternoon, and I think I’ll do a row on my current cardigan WIP before I get dinner going.

Hope it’s sunny and mild where you are!


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