Wooly Creature #1

This past week I received some adorable dry-felting kits for making felted animals.  The company is Woolpets, and I picked mine up at a LYS, though I have seen them at The Loopy Ewe (an online US-based company) too.  I’ve never done dry needle-felting, so am now getting into it.

I have four to try – Turtle, Frog, Sea Otter and Penguin.  For this first try, I decided to do the Penguin.

Here he is:

 He turned out a bit taller and skinnier than I was aiming for, but not bad for my first try.  My kids, especially my youngest, were fascinated by this process of bits of wool being poked into shapes.

Since doing Mr. Pengu up there, I have also needle felted a golf-ball sized toy ball for my cat, and a tennis-sized one for my boys (indoor only).  I was surprised at how much wool and how much time it took to make a ball of a decent size.

I’m thinking of doing the Turtle next….


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