New Desk!

This past weekend, when I strolled into the local London Drugs store (a western Canada pharmacy, that also sells other things, like electronics and some small furniture) for a pack of Kleenex tissue, I came out with a new desk.  I’m not sure how it happened really.  Ah, who am I kidding…?  It was on for less than half price and is just my style – how could I resist?

I give you, the Desk…

 It’s a dark-stained, old fashioned type where the writing desk part folds open, like this:

 It has four drawers, compared to the one my previous desk had, so more storage – yay!

 For how noble and elegant the pen and paper look on the desk, it really looks more like this shot above.  And in case anyone wants to know, that is Franklin Habit’s blog I have open on my laptop’s browser.

And perhaps best of all, it folds up, the chair is put back at the dining room table, and it just looks like a classic piece of furniture.

I’m in love!


5 thoughts on “New Desk!

  1. Wow! That is a stunning desk! I can't believe you got it at London Drugs! And for more than half off??? What a steal! If I had more room in my place, I would definitely be running out to get myself one!

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