Everyone loves a sale! (And a bit about Tarot)

Wow!  In the days following the start of the sale at Gaia’s Colours, orders came rushing in with the force of a waterfall.   I was, understandably, blown away.  I might as well have been hit by the force of the said waterfall.  I think the combination of great discounted prices, the element of “get ’em before they’re gone”, and having a fair bit of stock just sitting there, made it far too tempting for my fellow crafters.

But I am thoroughly pleased, and relieved, knowing that the fibrey goodness will be going into loving hands and used to create lovely things.  It’s a nice way to close, a delightful way to “let go”.

“Letting go” and “moving on” were two things that recently came up in a big way in a Tarot card reading I did for myself.  I don’t read my cards as often as I used to, but felt, as usually happens, that when I arrive at the proverbial crossroads, I need the cards as a guide, a reminder, a voice saying “Isn’t this obvious, you silly fool?”.   My main deck is The Druid Craft Tarot, by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington.

The cards that came up for me on this were the:

  • 8 of cups (keywords: “Letting go, Seeking your higher purpose, Moving on” – see? obvious)
  • 3 of wands (kw: “Enterprise, Confidence, Realizing goals”)
  • 6 of wands (kw: “Victory, Success, Leadership” – I see this as more “self-leadership”)
  • 9 of pentacles (kw: Gain, Pleasure, Living your ideals” – also, pursuing paths previously unexplored, i.e. screenwriting)
  • 4 of swords (kw: “Retreat, Rest, Solace” – very important for me)
  • 6 of swords (kw: “Journeying, Solace, Healing”)
  • The Star (kw: “Intuition, Hope, Optimism, Healing, Openness, Calm, Bright Prospects”)
  • The Magician (kw: “Creativity, First steps, Empowerment, Will-power, Flow, Life-force, Inspiration, Direction”)
  • The Lady (kw: Passion, Fertility, Abundance, Nurturing, Healing, Motherhood, Happiness, Beauty, Creativity”)
  • The Fferyllt (Temperance) (kw: “Fluency between worlds, Creativity (notice a pattern?), Harmony, Peace, Magic, Alchemy)
So things seem to be going in just the right direction for me at present.  And I’ve made plenty of knitters happy – always a good thing.
p.s. I had no idea I was going to blog about Tarot today.  Just kinda happened.

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