Heading for the Hills

Mountains, actually.  The Rocky Mountains.  I’m off, later this week, for the winter wonderland tourist town of Banff, Alberta.  It’s four days of relaxing and keeping warm in the very chilly surrounding of snow, conifer and icy rock.  Oh, and did I mention that we are staying here….?

The Banff Springs Hotel.  Yes, a castle in the mountains.

My husband is the current president of the local chapter of the Canadian Homebuilders Association, and they are holding the annual conference at the above hotel.  I was invited to join him, leaving our boys to hang out with grandparents.

So what’s the wife of the president to do while her husband attends meetings?  Why, anything she pleases!  Frequenting the Spa, knitting by a fire, reading, making use of the hotel’s gym and pool, window shopping in downtown Banff, skiing or even snowboarding*…

I promise to take lots of pictures 🙂


* I’ve never been snowboarding, but heck, it might be worth a try!


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