Wheel meet again…

My Louet S17 spinning wheel is not happy with me.  It’s been sitting in a corner of my dye studio since last summer, shooting me with both daggers and puppy-dog eyes.  Last night we had a conversation that went something like this:

The Wheel: Why don’t you use me?
Me: Because I have a business to run, children to raise, food to buy and prepare, and many other things to do.
The Wheel: It’s that Knitting, isn’t it?  The Knitting has taken you into the fold – I know it! Admit it!  
Me: Um…
The Wheel: The business, the kids – they’re just a smokescreen!  The Knitting is the One True Path for you, isn’t It?  It’s demanded that you put no other Crafts before It!  The Ashford Loom and I know –  it’s all about exclusivity now, don’t deny it!
Me: Well, I do use fibre for all three of you, but in different ways.  I love you all, just differently.
The Wheel: *sniff* And do you promise to use me soon, with that same loving touch and glow you have for the Knitting?
Me: Yes, I promise.
The Wheel: Good.  And will you talk to the Loom?  She is such a DRAMA Queen!


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