Heading for the Hills

Mountains, actually.  The Rocky Mountains.  I’m off, later this week, for the winter wonderland tourist town of Banff, Alberta.  It’s four days of relaxing and keeping warm in the very chilly surrounding of snow, conifer and icy rock.  Oh, and did I mention that we are staying here….? The Banff Springs Hotel.  Yes, a castle […]

Cutting down the carbs

No, I’m going all Atkin’s Diet on y’all.  But I am changing how and what I eat.  I have been pretty good about my diet – all organic veggies and fruit, local food as much as I can find/afford, making most of what we eat from scratch, etc.  However, I have been doing some reading […]

Wheel meet again…

My Louet S17 spinning wheel is not happy with me.  It’s been sitting in a corner of my dye studio since last summer, shooting me with both daggers and puppy-dog eyes.  Last night we had a conversation that went something like this: The Wheel: Why don’t you use me?Me: Because I have a business to […]