Sharing a blog post about M.E.

A young woman named Jaz has a nice blog here, and I wanted to mention it, as she talks about the almost unknown and unrecognised disease, Myalgic Encephalopathy, or M.E.  She also shares a short YouTube video about many people who are bed-bound because of this misunderstood illness.

I have a dear friend who has been dealing with M.E. for 50 or so years, and so I have heard of this disease.  She has had such a hard time trying to find a physician who knows enough about M.E. to help her, I certainly don’t blame her for being frustrated.  It’s quite vexing that so many doctors would/could be so ignorant about an illness that so many suffer from.  Perhaps sometime I’ll ask my own doctor about her knowledge and opinions on the subject….

One thought on “Sharing a blog post about M.E.

  1. I am so touched you posted about this, it's really made my day. The more people spreading the word the more awareness we raise! It is so so so important that people dealing with m.e don't have to suffer in silence, thank you for your understanding and best wishes to your friend x

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