Things are shifting…

It may seem like I spend (or comment on spending?) a lot of time contemplating and day-dreaming about my life, where it’s headed, my creative pursuits, and the like.  Perhaps I do.  I guess I’m one for reflecting on the past and present, and consciously pondering changes for the future.  Some people don’t sit still long enough to think about where they are going or where they’ve been, or how to improve their quality of life and happiness.  I do spend a lot of time in my head, especially when I have a relatively mindless creative activity (like the stockinette, in-the-round knitting of a sweater body or sleeve).

I’m also a day-dreamer; always have been.  I love to imagine things related to my life and possible future paths, and also those ideas completely fantastical and wild.  Stories usually come to me this way.

So why did I title this post “Things are shifting…”?  Because I feel the shifting of my creative focus deepening, running faster, moving me away from specific projects and further into others.  I am one of those kinds of people who don’t, or can’t, commit to a set career and stay there for life.  I dance from one passion to another, sometimes letting two or three overlap, but always moving.  I’m always keen to learn more about different subjects, once I’ve gleaned what I can from previous ones.  This may make me a “Jack of all trades, Master of none”, but I enjoy the spark of pure energy as the idea hits, the rise of passion as creativity and learning drive me forward, and the “aha!” as the information settles on my skin like a newly knit wool sweater.

This may all seem somewhat cryptic and abstract, but I cannot at this point share more.  Things will be revealed as I am ready & able to do so.

Hope you are happily crafting in this late January weather (what is it like where you live?)!


3 thoughts on “Things are shifting…

  1. I'm sort of in this same boat myself. I had a number of new projects either begun or in the works and, now that I have just been hired for near-full-time employment, will have to put them on the shelf. One way of looking at it is that life is a smorgasbord, and we sample everything until we find the things that take hold. Some things stick, some things phase in and out, teaching us new skills that might be helpful with the next thing. Some people call this capriciousness, but I think listening to those insights is what keeps us young, motivated, inspired. I say go for it! (Whatever 'it' is!)

  2. I think it's somewhat normal for us to evolve in our interests–for the first time in years I feel like I have a long term plan. . .the focus I have is somewhat unusual for me, but I'm embracing it. Big snow coming here in Michigan. . .looking forward to hunkering in and enjoying the quiet that come with large amounts of snow.

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