Evenings with Netflix

For those of you in the U.S., many of you are likely already familiar with Netflix.  It’s an online way to watch movies and many television programs.  Netflix has now come to Canada, and so I signed up.

After searching around, I wasn’t seeing the programs that I wanted to see as “available”.  I found this annoying.  However, after talking with a lovely gentleman in the Netflix customer service, I’ve learned that the licensing comes and goes on each one regularly, so things will be available at some point.  And after more time searching about, I’ve found a lot more programs that I either hadn’t heard of but want to see, or those I’ve wanted to see but haven’t yet.  This means I’ve been having fun catching up on many programs (both TV & film) from the last decade, much of it from the BBC.  This is both wonderful, and dangerous – I can end up watching quite a bit of the Netflix, ’cause it’s so easy (and cheap)!

During December, especially in the quiet evening hours, and while I was sick (but not sleeping), I was spending time knitting and watching programs through Netflix.  I caught up on six of the seven seasons of Monarch of the Glen, a British comedy/drama based in Scotland, which was quite fun (I love all things Scottish, as some of you might know).  I found several BBC television series and period-piece movies that were right up my alley.  One of my new favourites was one I knew of, but hadn’t watched from start to finish: North & South.  It’s a four-part mini-series based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel of the same name.  I may have to blog about this movie separately, because I am so in love!  It is a fabulous period-piece drama, with some great actors.  The soundtrack/score is lovely too.  I’ve ordered a copy on DVD for big screen viewing, to add to my wee collection of period-piece films.

I’m looking forward to what else I might discover through Netflix!

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