Rebooting my life

That’s what it feels like, anyway.  My Mac laptop is back, with a new hard drive, and quite empty but for the small amount that I’m starting to add to it.

I find it a rather impish, or perhaps ironic, coincidence that the hard drive (and thus the disappearing of my old files, photos, emails, etc.) happened on the weekend of Samhain (30/31st), which is the Celtic New Year.  “Out with the old” indeed.  Yes, Universe, I hear you.  I just wish you would have given me a head’s up so that I could have saved all the baby photos of my second son.  Would a little warning have been so hard?


3 thoughts on “Rebooting my life

  1. Nope, the tech tried to get anything he could but nada. I am starting from scratch. Good thing I can get my iTunes music files from my iPod and my husband's computer (where I kept them before). Everything else is gone. 😦

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