Wrangling the stash

Every once in a while, I take a look, a real look at the entirety of my yarn stash.  I’m doing so this week, and I’ve realised, once and for all, that I have way more yarn than I need or will likely use in the next five years.  This means a thorough inventory, and […]

Birthday Blooms

This past Thursday I turned 35.  Yes, I am now officially in my “mid-30’s”.  A somewhat scary prospect, but many people have made important contributions to the world at or after 35.  Still, I don’t plan to wait much longer. My husband, lovely man that he is, brought me a dozen red roses and a […]

Proud "mama"

I may have mentioned this spring that we were playing hosts to some Mason Bees (a type that doesn’t make honey), with a wooden box as their home.  The forty or so that I encouraged to hatch didn’t all stay around (my mistake – didn’t read the manual – oops!), but several did, and laid […]

Rebooting my life

That’s what it feels like, anyway.  My Mac laptop is back, with a new hard drive, and quite empty but for the small amount that I’m starting to add to it. I find it a rather impish, or perhaps ironic, coincidence that the hard drive (and thus the disappearing of my old files, photos, emails, […]

Trying to avoid the Angst

This past Saturday my MacBook Pro laptop decided that it’s hard drive wasn’t a workable resource anymore.  This is from a computer that was put together earlier this year, and has only been in use for about a month.  How the hard drive could die after only one month is beyond me. And to add […]


I had a meeting with a screenwriting mentor today, who I have been working a little with via email for the last month.  We met for two hours to really tack down the plotline/acts of my story and I feel great about it!  It’s starting to come together, starting to feel *real*. Just excited.  Had […]