Away from Montana and into School

I meant to write and post this last week, but I have been oddly busy (I can’t imagine why….).  We returned from Montana and Alberta on Monday, the 6th, and were launched directly into the first day of school on the 7th

Yes, it’s been a hectic past few weeks, what with our family trip to Montana for my sister’s wedding, and then the first week of school for both of my boys.  Our youngest is now in his first year of pre-school, and our oldest in Grade 1.  It’s been a week of adjustments for all.

But first, I did promise some photos from our Montana time.  I did take lots of pictures!

 This is farmland in Southern Alberta, about a hour north of the Montana border.

Ah, that lovely Alberta sky….

Getting closer to the Montana border, with mountains and rain clouds looming large…

Arriving at Flathead lake, to a stormy, windy evening view across the water to dark mountains.

The first house, the lake-side house, that we stayed at.  I blogged here, overlooking the lake.  Yeah, rough, I know….

I was able to see all sorts of weather on this lake, like the stormy…..

And the blissfully sunny and warm.

Doesn’t it invite you to dive in…?

My father in his kayak, and my husband and son in the yellow paddle boat, enjoying the same summer sun.

Gratuitous moon shot, as best a zoom as I can manage with my camera.

I managed, after several shots, to capture this little lovely hummingbird.

The Lodge Hotel, in Whitefish, Montana, where my sister was married.

The pavilion where the actual ceremony took place, right next to Whitefish Lake.  Sadly, the weather on the Sunday wasn’t as lovely as it was here, on the Saturday.

My father, (half)sister (in Vera Wang bridal), and step-mother (Japanese Canadian).

On the road heading home – through Montana to Alberta, and then flying home to B.C.

I have heaps more photos, but that a highlight for y’all.  Sorry I’ve been so delayed in posting all this. 

Our boys seem to have grown accustom to our new routine of school, especially my oldest, who, now in Grade 1, has three years already of the Montessori school environment.  My youngest is dealing really well with the full days of pre-school and afternoon care, though since he is not fully potty-trained, we have to pack extra pants and underwear for the damp accidents.  Ah dear….

And just to give us a little extra fun, we have our first collective cold from the school – happens every September!


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