Me, podcast?

I bought a new laptop yesterday, a MacBook Pro, 13 inch.  Oh my, I am in love.  It was quite an investment, admittedly, as any Mac computer is (they ain’t cheap!), but worth it.  The last time I invested in a Mac computer was five years ago, and it’s getting a bit slow and out of date, sadly.  I’ve loved and used it muchly, but as it was beyond upgrading, it had to find a new home (which I’m still trying to do).

This new laptop has the much talked-of “Garage Band”, and after playing around with it in my bits of spare time today, I’ve figured out how some podcasters come up with really decent, simply-made podcasts.  Garage Band does make it pretty simple.

This begs the question then, could I start my own podcast?  And if so, what to I call it, or theme it?  Will it be about knitting, or crafting or dyeing, or bits of my own life, or….?  Or all of the above?  Kind of like this blog – many things that I am exploring daily.  Could be.  Would anyone listen to it though – that’s the other question…?



2 thoughts on “Me, podcast?

  1. I think it should be all about your family, your life,and your various fiber interests, and how all three coincide. Yes, I would most definatley listen to it. But, I'm not sure what you should call it.

  2. Thanks for the support 🙂 I definitely would have my personal interests and goings on, as well as some other continuous subjects. I was brainstorming a little last night while my oldest was restless with his cold.bestUrsa

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