This is what can happen to a dyer sometimes – the yarn or fibre takes on more colour that you want it to, and ends up too dark.  Not good.  Perhaps still sellable, but generally not good.

The same can be said of over-saturation in other areas of life.  I think I’m in the middle of that right now.  That feeling of over-saturation with a situation.

I should premise this with stating that I really like my alone time.  I crave and need it the same way some crave and need to be with others.  If I don’t get a certain amount of me-time/space, I can get really, ahem, crabby.

So this past week, as I have mentioned, being here in Montana with a large gaggle of family, including my own small family of a husband and two small sons, has been great, but also trying.  They are a really wonderful family – don’t get me wrong – and the family that I was raised with.  Regardless, if I get put into a situation where there is almost constant family time and activities, with many of us sharing houses, and I don’t get that needed solo time, it becomes difficult for me to be nice around them.  I get snappish.

And this is where I find myself, as of yesterday (Saturday), having reached that point of over-saturation.  I’m friendly to the various family and friends of family, but inside I’m tired and want to be left alone.  And the only people who I can (and end up with) venting at, is my poor husband and sons.

Do you have that happen – where you hear yourself being grumpy and/or mean to those close to you, and you know you are doing it, and you don’t like that you are doing it, but you just can’t be any other way sometimes?  Yes, I dislike being grumpy and/or mean, but at this point it’s very difficult to be any other way.

However, on the up side, I suggested the my husband and sons go on a hike without me, pleading the excuse (although true) that I need to tend to the tidying and ironing of their dress shirts, and to get ready for the wedding myself.  So here I have some brief me-time.  And then my sister gets married this afternoon, and the evening of food and family and merriment stretch ahead.

Yes, my sister is getting married today.  And I couldn’t be more pleased for her!  I do want to blog about her later on, and include a wedding pic or two.

For now, I’m going to knit and iron and listen to podcasts.  Oh, I’m so glad to be going home tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Over-saturation

  1. I think it is perfectly reasonable to declare that you need some alone time, and need not have to call it something else. There are those of us that get 'peopled out' and we all of us get crabby if we don't get it. As for behaving in a way that you don't like… all I can say is put yourself on time-out (thus, alone time) and acknowledge that you are getting crabby. Remember what SARK said? It's okay to be crabby. Just own it.

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