Testing, testing….

I am, in fact, now testing the waters, and may create a podcast in the next week.  Still figuring out details – what segments to include, how often to record a podcast, what sorts of themes, file hosting/storage, etc.  It’s all so new! Watch this space in the next little while – things are moving! […]

Me, podcast?

I bought a new laptop yesterday, a MacBook Pro, 13 inch.  Oh my, I am in love.  It was quite an investment, admittedly, as any Mac computer is (they ain’t cheap!), but worth it.  The last time I invested in a Mac computer was five years ago, and it’s getting a bit slow and out […]


This is what can happen to a dyer sometimes – the yarn or fibre takes on more colour that you want it to, and ends up too dark.  Not good.  Perhaps still sellable, but generally not good. The same can be said of over-saturation in other areas of life.  I think I’m in the middle […]


Through the Electric Sheep podcast, I’ve discovered the wonky world of Regretsy.com.  This amusing website (and book!) comb through the wonderful and weird world of Etsy.com to bring you the odd and sometimes disturbing hand-made products that people make and sell.  Regretsy’s tagline is “Where DIY meets WTF”, and it appears to be very much […]