REALLY back in Scotland

(Spoiler info ahead…)
Yes, it’s finally happened – the storyline of Dragonfly in Amber has taken our main characters, Jaimie and Claire, back to Scotland.  I’m so glad they are home, back at Jaimie’s land, the Fraser lands, on his family farm.  They are settling back into farm-life, including harvesting their very first crop of potatoes (new to Highland Scotland in 1745, as I understand).

No sooner have they become happy and comfortable again the months of home-life and work, then Jaimie receives a letter from his friend, Bonny Prince Charlie, to say that the reclaiming of the throne is back on (this plot is the main reason Claire and Jamie went to France – to stop it, to save the many Scots and the ruin of Scotland).


And that is as far as I’ve gotten in the audiobook.  I’ve put it down temporarily, because I have a feeling it’s only going to go south again.  Sigh.  So I am listening something else Scottish – the podcast from Caithness (north-east Scotland), called Caithness Craft Collective.  I love listening to our lady of the Collective!  Jaimie and Claire will have to wait until I’m ready for them again.

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