The Push

The push to write is back, with a vengeance.  I am surprised at how strong the yearning is, really, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve wanted to write seriously, and often.  This all started very slowly, perhaps two years ago, with the first spark of inspiration about my current story project (the “Scottish project”, as I’ll call it), coming on in that gradual glimmer of “not yet, but soon”.  Coming on as tiny morsels of ideas, snapshots, specks of dust blown in by the Muses, until they form a fine layer of film, as on a neglected piano forte, waiting to be noticed and collected.  Until they can’t be ignored anymore.

So I’m getting more active in this, still fairly slowly, as I’m unsure how to proceed.  But it’s coming, and the beads on the string are being added, one by one, as they present themselves in as the next logical step.

Yes, a story* coming together.

*Sorry to be so secretive, but it’s all still new and fragile, and I’m not even sure if this will be completed or what will come of it all.  Can’t be more open until that hopeful “when it is done” comes.


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