Eeet’s Mine, ALL Mine!

Chesterman’s Beach.  My favourite beach, that I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to walk upon.  It’s located a few miles (kilometres?) before the lovely and popular Tofino, BC, just up island from us here in Victoria.  We went for a four-day jaunt this past weekend, to Port Alberni (3hrs North-West of us), and to Chesterman’s Beach, Tofino, and very briefly, Ucluelet (1/2hr from Tofino).  We normally stay four days or so at a cabin, minutes away from Chesterman’s, but couldn’t afford it this year, so I had to settle for a day-trip to the beach and to Tofino.  We stayed at my aunt’s spacious house, and, despite the heat, kept fairly cool, thanks to her fab pool!

Necessary beach shots, taken by me in June 2006.  I didn’t take any this time ’round because I was a forgetful ninny and neglected to bring my wonderful new camera.  Oh well, the shots from ’06 are still pretty good.

This first one is looking south, slightly west. It was about 9 or 10am. This photos were all taken within about 1/2hr of each other.

These two above are looking east-ish.  The surfers are out already.

This shot is of the same area as the first photo, but further back.

Looking west.  I love to use this one as a desktop wallpaper.

Can you see why I want to live near here?  Sigh.


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