Too busy holidaying to blog?

Funny this, but before I started my vacation time in late June, I thought I’d be blogging in reams, in a proliferation of profound monologues.


My blog count has barely increased, and the content could hardly be called profound.

How can the time where I have so much more of it still be full?  I blame the knitting.  I’ve been on such a mad bent to finish as many WIPs as possible this summer, that it took a lot of the steam out of my free time.  I find the knitting often competes with other things I want/have to do – knitting or blogging?  knitting or writing?  knitting or weaving?  knitting or spinning?  knitting or doing dishes?  knitting or working out?  knitting or sleep?  Yeah, I suspect most of you knitters understand.

Do you ever find that when you have free time, you have so many things you’d love to do that you just can’t decide and end up wasting it puttering around not doing anything of substance?  I do.

And while I’m enjoying my vacation time (haven’t had this much time off in over two years), I must admit to be excited about our new schedule come mid-September when both of my young sons will be in school full-time (six hours or so).  Then I get to work at home for Gaia’s Colours, and also do other house-hold chores and errands and have lots of day-time “ME-time”.  Oh yeah!


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