Random "FO"

Finished Object, that is.  A knitting project that wasn’t part of my mentioned list of “to-do’s”, but needed to be finished regardless.  A cotton sweater for my youngest, who is three.  I started it when he was not quite two, and then, one sleeve left, put it aside for other more exciting “me” projects.

So this week I buckled down and finished that last sleeve.  I think one reason I continually delayed the knitting of the last sleeve was that I didn’t like the needles I was using.  They were cheap, stiff 6mm circulars that were difficult and unpleasant to use.

However, I did finish the sweater, and it fits a little large on my son, so he’ll be able to wear it this winter.  It’s knitted out of naturally-coloured, organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas.  The pattern is a basic top-down raglan, with stockinette body and ribbed neck, cuffs and bottom, and with one blue stripe in the middle of the body.

In case you are wondering where my son’s head is – I cropped it – he won’t mind, but I don’t like posting the faces of my children on the internet.  It’s a privacy, safety issue for me – the internet is too vast, with too many people searching for such sweet faces.  You understand.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s done, and he can have a soft sweater for the next year.


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