What’s in my ears this week, July 25th

Another weekly post series I want to do is what I am listening to each week – music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

So this week, in taking a break from the Outlander series, I have been listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

The first has been Monk’s Hood, a Brother Cadfael novel, in a Ravelry RAL (read-a-long), which I finished in about three or four days while working on the sleeves of my Estelle cardigan.  It’s a easy book, very well told and interesting.  I suspect I’ll check out the other Brother Cadfael books sometime soon.

The second is what I’m currently listening to – the CraftLit podcast, which is working through a Librivox recording of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities.  It’s a little more difficult to follow than Monk’s Hood, and the language and references definitely of the time.  Fortunately Heather Ordover, the CraftLit guru, walks us through the tricky and/or esoteric sections & terms.  I’m going to keep working through this as I finish the last four inches of my orange sock – deadlines, you know 🙂

And lastly, episodes #52 and #52 of the podcast Electric Sheep – one of my favourites!

That’s all for this week!

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