Knee-deep in Mint, Marjoram & Melissa

This past weekend, I did some gardening.  I’ve been so busy with Gaia’s Colours work lately that I have almost completely ignored my yard and gardens.  We were all in the backyard, my husband, boys and myself, and I decided to do some weeding and trimming.  One bed that really needed my attention was the main one that is immediately visible out our back kitchen window.  It contains raspberry bushes, a butterfly bush, St. John’s Wort (the original, non-commercial variety, that is medicinally used), mint, rosemary, marjoram, fennel, thyme, oregano, lemon balm (Melissa), and weeds.  Two years ago I gave this bed a radical make-over, removing two very old, large, but sickly, rose bushes, and all of the weeds.  I then planted the raspberries and the herbs, plus some flowers of various types.  I can’t now really find some of what was planted, as so much has gone wild and the weeds and grass have almost completely taken over.

So work was needed.  I pulled and dug and stripped all that was not supposed to be there.  And after two days of work, it’s still not complete.  It’s a work-in-progress.

However, with my new camera, I have been taking photos of the garden, and other areas of the backyard.  Here are a sampling….

Blueberries ripening in the blueberry & strawberry patch.


Non-commercial, medicinal St. John’s Wort.

Commercial, non-medicinal St. John’s Wort (much easier to find).

Comfrey (medicinal, and also great for “compost tea”)

Melissa/Lemon Balm (I hate this stuff, and yank it whenever I find it) – easily confused for mint by it’s looks. In the Mint family.

Raspberries, including a “golden” variety.  My boys eat these almost faster than they can ripen.

Mint – I have lots because I love it and let it spread rampantly, as it tends to do 🙂

Marjoram, with a solitary mint sprig.

A huckleberry bush, waiting to be planted (it has now since been planted amongst the mint and raspberries).

A wee hazelnut tree.  Apparently we’ll have to wait a couple of years before we’ll get nuts.  I’m excited anyway!

A fairly reliable sunset shot.  Lovely!

Finally, a gratuitous kitty shot – this is Sarah.


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