Emerging from the Kleenex box…

I’m still here!  Yes, it has been a fortnight since my last post, but I have good excuses – I was finishing and then participating in the Victoria Fibre Festival (bet you are tired of hearing me go on about this), and then I promptly got sick.  A cold.  A bad cold, that I am still getting over.

Some great news though, in all this.  First, the market day of the VFF went really well and I did triple my sales from last year.  Second, I was able to use some of the money from the sales to invest in a new digital camera for the business.  And third, I had a nap every day this week – something I haven’t done since I was either pregnant or a new mom.   Oh, and fourth, the cold seems to be waning.

During this time I lost my voice.  Really lost it.  And now, a week later, I sound like I’ve been smoking three packs a day for forty years, but it’s a sight better than last Monday – Wednesday when all I could do was whisper and squeak.  Very elegant.

The camera?  Why, it’s the Samsung NX10.  There is a lot to it – it’s more than a “point & shoot” but not quite as fully complex as a DSLR.  I’m likely over-simplifying here, as I’m new to cameras beyond the P&S, but it seems user-friendly, and I’m enjoying the process and results so far.

This is a short update, as it’s late.  Now that things have slowed down a little with Gaia’s Colours, I can work on other things that have taken the back burners in the last months – knitting, spinning, writing, weaving, gardening.  I also want to put up a hammock in our backyard this summer  –  oh, lying in the dappled sun under the apple trees…. bliss, no?


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