Back in my good graces

The purple QED BFL yarn that was used in the making (and now re-making) of my Estelle cardigan has now been forgiven.  Though really, it didn’t need forgiving, as the problems with the too-large almost completed project was not the fault of the yarn.  But you know how it is – sometimes you need to blame someone or something else, just to make you feel better, even if the intended target is innocent.  In this case, I suspect it was a mix of the knitter (me) and the pattern that are the guilty parties.

I’m not exactly sure how I went wrong as the knitter, as my gauge and type of yarn were right on.  Perhaps I chose the wrong size for myself?  ‘Tis possible, as I’ve done this before – choosing a size or two too large for my body.  And yet, the yoke/top part and sleeve holes were the areas that were too large, but not the body/abdomen area.

Which brings me to the pattern.  And here I see that I wasn’t alone in finding the yoke coming out over-sized while the body fits.  A few others noted on Ravelry that they had just this trouble happen.  I’ve mentioned it to the designer, but haven’t heard back from her yet on this.

I’ve started the cardigan again, this time using two sizes smaller to start for the lace yoke/top, and then I’ll add extra increases around the bust to make sure that the body is wide enough.  And it’s so nice to work with my beloved QED again – how I’ve missed you!

Lest any of you think I’m neglecting my deadline Green Gable piece, let me reassure you that I’m not.  It’s just that I’m doing straight stockinette for about 10 more inches, plus a half inch of ribbing, and I’m finding it tedious.  I need a few rows of the more challenging lace pattern of the Estelle cardigan in between to break up the monotony.   Say, have you ever noticed that “monotony” and “monogamy” are very close?  And really, I can’t be monogamous in my knitting projects, I just can’t.  The knitting has to accept that I’ll cheat on all of them with each other on a regular basis.

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