On Morality in Dreams

In a previous post (see On Dreams), I talked about getting very wrapped up in my dreams, especially the lust/love story dreams, and wanting to spend more time in that heart-achingly lovely and often passionate environment.  I’m such a sucker for the romantic…

So where does the morality come in?  Well, being a mother of two young children, and a wife to a lovely man, I have made certain commitments to them and our life together here in the waking world.  When lusty and/or love-filled dream scenarios come along with other people/characters, I would prefer to leave my family (and my commitment to them) out of it.  I mean really, these are dreams I’m talking about!  Can’t I have a crazy fling with a hot actor without thinking or telling “Dang, I can’t do this with you, I’m married”, or, “I would love to run away with you, but I just can’t leave my boys!”?

Now, to be fair, this sort of Jiminy-Cricket-sitting-on-my-shoulder doesn’t happen in every single lusty dream incident, but it does have a niggling habit of showing up sometimes, just when it’s wanted the least.  Damn!  Why must I be so moral – in my dreams!  Why can’t I have some fun and passion that is outside the realm of my waking life?  Dreams are for escapism and adventures unlike most of what we’d be likely to encounter in our day-to-day experiences, so why not engage in them to the fullest?

Perhaps what I need to do is try to give myself permission in the dreams, to say “It’s okay, you can do this here”, or some such similar reassurance.  I’ll give that a try next time I’m having a lovely dream, see if it actually works.  Will post again with any results.

Now to prepare for family birthday supper!


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