At home with Green Gables

Green Gables means two things to me these days – the obvious and much loved home of the fictional Canadian character Anne Shirley, and the name of a knitting pattern that I am currently working on.

The latter is my sole knitting focus now, as my purple Estelle cardigan is balls of yarn sulking in the corner, waiting for me to not be mad at it anymore.  The Green Gable top is pretty, basic and easy to knit.  When I was knitting both it and the Estelle cardigan, it was the cardigan that drew more of my love and attention, so was worked on more.  I found the cardigan more interesting, and challenging, plus I really loved working with the QED BFL wool.  The Green Gable tee-shirt just wasn’t really grabbing me, even though I am using my own hand-dyed.  I think part of the problem was that I was using my Hiya-Hiya interchangable needles, which I don’t really like that much.  They aren’t as smooth and easy to use as my Addi Turbo needles.  And really, for 3.5mm and up in circulars needles, the Addi Turbos are the best, and by far my favourite.

Once I set aside the cardigan, and knew I had to buckle down on the Green Gable top, I ordered some Addi Turbo circs in the 4.5mm size that I needed.  They arrived yesterday, and I immediately put them on the project.  Oh!  What a difference a really good set of needles makes in the ease and desire to knit…

So now, after staying up late listening to a Librivox recording of The Age of Innocence, narrated by Brenda Dayne (of Cast On podcast fame), I have divided for the sleeves and even finished on of the short sleeves. Today, I’ll finish the other and return to the body of the piece.  From there it’s straight stockinette stitch till it’s long enough, then some ribbing and I’m done!

For the other Green Gables, those who know me, know how much I love the Anne of Green Gables books.  For those who don’t – Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne books and her many other novels (almost all of contained young females as the main character, like Anne) had a long and profound influence on my formative years.  I loved, and still love, all of her books, and reread them every so often, with reverence and fond recollection.   They are decidedly ‘comfort’ books, and I highly recommend them to all young readers, especially girls.  They are as food stuffs for the soul.


2 thoughts on “At home with Green Gables

  1. ah, the QED knows that i love it and could never stay mad at it for long. it's all drying right now, and i'll be back with it and the pattern next week.

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