On writing non-fiction

A fellow blogger & knitting friend mentioned the idea today of doing some non-fiction writing, for possible publication of a newsletter, possibly in a “foodie”-theme.

Now, I’m a fiction gal at heart, with a slight bent to poetry, so I don’t have a lot of experience in writing non-fiction, other than blog posts, school essays and the like.  Non-fiction doesn’t come very easily to me.  However, with the proper research and/or knowledge of a specific subject, I don’t see why I couldn’t try my hand at it – it is a form of writing after all, and would be an excellent way to stretch and grow as a writer.

So once my time opens up again, after the craziness of the next few weeks, I’ll be ready to flex my writing muscles and get to work.  And I will hopefully be working with a couple of other lovely people who will be forming/brainstorming this into some semblance of fruition.

Side note: the word “fruition” makes me think of paying one’s school fees with apples, pears and berries….

Back to the dye-pots!


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