A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Do you ever have one of these days?  Where a thousand little things go wrong, and perhaps a few larger things too.  Where nothing seems to go your way?  Where the world, nee, the universe seems to be conspiring against you?

Judith Viorst wrote the children’s book entitled Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and like our little hero, bad days happen to all of us (some of us more than others, unfortunately).

Today has been just such a day for me.  Now, I won’t bore you with most of the details, just bring out some of the high(low?)lights of today’s troubles.

The first main hit was that PayPal is refusing to let me use my already set-up bank account to pay for some yarn.  For some reason, PayPal gets suspicious when unusual amounts of money are spent in an account.  But this wasn’t unusual!  It’s fairly common for me, if they really looked at my account.  And yet, I couldn’t access my bank account.  I phoned the PayPal help line and apparently this “lock” was put on by machine and couldn’t be removed manually.  So I have to wait for it to come off.  If it’s still on tomorrow, I’ll call them again.  Meantime, I had to contact the yarn company to explain why I couldn’t pay, and ask if they could hold it for me.  Argh.

The second big hit was my lovely cardigan-in-progress, the purple QED one.  It became glaringly apparent at knit night last night, when I tried it on for the ladies present, that the top/yoke was way too big and overlapped by at least 5-6 inches, when it should overlap only about an inch.  I contemplated wearing it overlapping at the top, with one large button instead of the six that the pattern calls for.  But after mulling it over today – should I keep going and wear/have it very different than it’s supposed to be, but have it done in time for the Victoria Fibre Festival like I planned?  Or should I frog (rip-it, rip-it) it completely, and start again, sizing it smaller to begin with but increases to fit in the body as it was fitting okay there.

There is now a pile of purple yarn “cakes” sitting on my bed.  Shortly I’ll need to reskein them, soak them to get out all the kinkiness from knitting, let them dry, and then wind them back into “cakes”.

Days like this make me want to close myself in my room with knitting that works and comfort movies or music…


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