Knitter’s "to-do/have done" list

From my friend, YarnSalad’s blog, who got it from Purling-a-long Bold= things I have done. * Afghan * I-cord* Garter stitch* Knitting with metal wire* Shawl* Stockinette stitch* Socks: top-down* Socks: toe-up * Knitting with camel yarn * Mittens: Cuff-up* Mittens: Tip-down* Hat* Knitting with silk* Moebius band knitting* Participating in a KAL* Sweater* Drop […]

Funny that.

In the realm of another “creepy story” in the sun, now that I’ve finished listening to Sleepy Hollow, we are moving, in episode 30, to Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw.  It’s another ghost story.  I am warned.  Yet, so hard to take seriously on a glorious day like today.  Hm. In the Gaia’s […]

Giving my baby a fresh coat of paint

If you are new to my blog, you will not likely have noticed changes to the site.  But hey, welcome! However, if you have been reading my blog for a while now, even since it’s recent creation in mid-April, you’ll notice the new look.  I decided to spruce things up, especially after finding It’s […]

On birthdays, Gandhi, and spinning

As if there wasn’t enough going on right now, I’ve just emerged from a three-day weekend of birthday madness!  My older son turned six, a day before my MIL’s birthday, so there were two family suppers and a kid’s backyard party.  Much socialising, eating, cooking, present-opening, running about, drinking, and general merry-making.  And boy, I […]

On Morality in Dreams

In a previous post (see On Dreams), I talked about getting very wrapped up in my dreams, especially the lust/love story dreams, and wanting to spend more time in that heart-achingly lovely and often passionate environment.  I’m such a sucker for the romantic… So where does the morality come in?  Well, being a mother of […]