Inspiration came today.  But in the form of actual ideas!

You see, in the wake of needing to think seriously on screenplays due to this online course I’m involved in, I’ve been in brainstorming-mode.  But in a no-pressure way.  It was more like active daydreaming today.  And because I approached it in a relaxed mind-frame, the ideas came in plenty!

So now I can actually put pen to paper – well, fingers to computer keys, more like – and get as many of the ideas out into solid form as possible.  The order doesn’t matter, as there will be time to sort and edit later.  In brainstorming-mode, one doesn’t edit.

I’m pretty excited about this – I was wondering about what sort of story this was going to be when I couldn’t think of more than a couple of scenes.  The scenes presenting themselves now, and I need to be alert for the visuals appearing.  That’s the other thing – keeping it visual.  One of the books I have mentions the importance of seeing the story unfold, as if on a screen.  Screenwriters have to think visually.  Being a very visual person myself (having detailed, clear dreams almost every night helps), this will probably be easy.

Eep!  This is feeling a tiny bit more real.  Where will it go, I wonder?


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