When the Podcast fades…

I discovered the knitting podcast, “Cast On,” over the holidays this past December, through, not surprisingly, a knitting friend.  The friend mentioned during the post-Winter Solstice ritual potluck, that she had fallen in love with listening to podcasts.  I told her that I really liked several of the CBC radio program podcasts, like Tapestry and The Vinyl Cafe.  She asked if I knew about the many knitting podcasts out there.
  “Podcasts?  For knitting?” I queried.  What a concept, I thought.
  “Oh, yes!” she replied, her eyes lighting up.  A list of recommended knitting podcasts arrived in my Inbox a few days later.

“Cast On”, created, written and hosted by American-living-in-Wales, Brenda Dayne.  She started in October of 2005, and has kept up a fairly steady stream of released podcasts.  She puts out a very professional-sounding, hour-long podcast, with the talents of her clear, soft voice, and wonderful writing skills.  It really is, in my opinion, one of the most excellently crafted knitting podcasts I’ve heard.   She’s definitely set the bar in that realm.

Which is why it’s so unfortunate that Brenda is on a hiatus due to health reasons.  Her last episode (#90) was in January of this year.  And we wee “knitsibs” are pining away as a result.  “Pleeeease come back, Brenda!” come the plaintive cries.

I must admit, once I had discovered Brenda’s podcast, with 90 whole episodes for my listening pleasure, I got greedy.  Instead of having to wait for each to be released as her fans from 2005 onward had, I had a big basket of knitted goodies right there, ready to be devoured.  And devour I did – large mouthfuls of the rich, sweet stuff.  I gorged on full, fat episodes, never thinking I’d get to the end.  But get to the end I did, just last week.   After about four months of regular listening gluttony, the 90th episode came, and went.

What’s a girl to do when she’s emerged from a feast with an unending hunger?  Why, start them all over again.  Yet this time, while nice to hear, the episodes don’t feel the same, don’t fill the need as before.  And how can they?  Some of the magic is gone, and the crazy need for something new and fascinating drives me now.

Does this mean I’ve fallen out of love?  Perhaps.  It doesn’t mean, however, that I adore Brenda any less, and I certainly wish her the best in her recovery. 

In the meantime, Electric Sheep and Never Not Knitting are doing a wonderful job in filling the void.  Both have amazing theme songs, by the way!


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