Yet Again, Overcommited

Right, so when I intended to not start any more knitting projects, I really meant it.  Really.  Then things happened that I said “yes” to, and now I have two new sweater/tops on the needles.  But, but, they are time-sensitive, and for specific purposes!  So that makes it okay, right?  Sure, why not.

I somehow agreed for my business, Gaia’s Colours, to sponsor the Victoria Fibre Fest’s fashion show, and the lady organising it suggested that I wear a hand-knitted piece for the evening myself.  This is how I came to be casting on for the Green Gable t-shirt last knit, which watching “Iron Man” on DVD.  It looks pretty basic – a short-sleeved top made out of a DK weight wool, with a little eyelet lace pattern on the front neckline.  Knit in the round, in one piece, I hope to have it done by the end of the month.  Like I have so much knit-time…. but these days, despite the need for dye-time, I’m really making time for knit-time as well.  It’s really important to me, both therapeutic and practical – I need to complete my projects!

But for today, it’s Mother’s Day and I’m going to go relax with my knitting….


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