It’s Raining Books

I don’t buy books often these days, as I already have three bookcases full of the paper beauties, but in this last month or so have bought almost a dozen. And we don’t count the spinning and knitting magazines, do we? Oh, good.

Today I did buy two new books from a local book store, with a very specific purpose – writing help. As previously mentioned, I have been brainstorming, imagining, playing with ideas of a story, and was
unsure about the format – novel or screenplay. So I bought a book for each path:

  • “Screenwriting for Dummies”, by Laura Schellhardt (this came recommended by several people on
  • “Is Life Like This? A Guide to Writing Your First Novel in SixMonths”, by John Dufresne (not that I have a burning desire to write my first novel in six months, but I’ll see how he walks me through it).

This is going to seriously side-track me from Julie, Julia and French Cooking, but I don’t think they’ll mind. I want to have both of these read before my summer time-off, so that the real writing can

In the crafty department, my hoodie is moving along just fine. I’m almost at the ribbing of the bottom of the body, then all I need to do is the sleeves. Hoping to have this done soon.

And I’ve resurrected my new-but-hibernating loom (have I mentioned that I now own a small table-top “Knitter’s Loom”?) and am in the process of finishing a “table-runner”-style altar cloth in blues and
silver, in silk and cashmere. No liquids on this baby, please!

On the home front, we’ve been watching Mason bees emerge from cocoons in the last couple of weeks. It’s been great for my boys to see these little blue and black non-honey bees come into the world, ready to pollinate our fruit trees and bushes, and make their nests in the special wooden house we’ve bought for them. Though the weather has been a mixed bag lately, we’ve had some really beautiful days and have been out in our yard, my boys with their sidewalk chalk, me with my gardening gloves and pruning shears.

The three male members of the household have all been sick this last week too. It went from youngest to oldest and my husband is still pretty run down and sniffly. I have yet to feel anything cold-ish
coming. Do I jinx myself just by mentioning it “out loud” here? Eep!

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